2019 April Car Tracks ED Message

A message from the Executive Director

Executive Director

Dear Friends of YATC:

Change can be hard! At YATC,we encounter change often but it can still be a challenge. Our students are in a period of intense change. They are learning to leave behind activities, relationships and mindsets that hold them back. They learn to explore new possibilities, friendships and ideas that will support their dreams for a positive future. The staff works with them to embrace the changes needed, while we try to do the same for ourselves.


Another big change for YATC this year is the ending of our wonderful, 32-year tradition of the Jim Moran Classic and beginning the new tradition of the Art of Success. As we strive to implement the mission of our Founder Jim Moran, we hope this new event will continue to convey our deep appreciation to all of you for supporting the program and also give you a new view into the day-to-day activities at the school. 

I’m also pleased to feature our tutors in the Spring 2019 issue. These volunteers enhance the YATC curriculum in a tremendous way. Like the tutors, our Board of Directors, Advisory Board and many other volunteers are absolutely priceless. We are so grateful for your gifts of time and talent to our students and to the program! Thank you to all of you who support YATC in so many ways!



Terry Routley